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Road rage suspected in biker death

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At the risk of poking a guy when he is down, I have one question. Front brake?
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This is such a sad commentary on American life in general. The guy had rage over a workers compensation case. I am sure some crooked Independent Medical Examiner screwed him. An SUV that doesn't obey the law. A jerk that uses an SUV as a weapon and kills a guy.

When are Americans going to wake up to the fact that they are the angriest and most aggressive people on the planet? And one of the most corrupt. I had a guy try to run me over multiple times on my bike because I went by him on a 2 lane offramp bridge. And I never even broke the speed limit. Who do the cops go after? Me, as I was on a bike. He was in a suit. A witness finaly came forth and told the police that the guy in the guy tried to punch me 4 or 5 times and when he finally kicked me I pinned him on the hood of a car. A lady came forth and said she saw him try to rearend me at least 4 times. Do you think the police ever even apologized? NO WAY!!! And they let him go with no charges pending as he had a suit on.

You people need to clue in and realize why you are so angry. It's real simple. A lying medfia that is hyper-conservative and republican controlled; crappy schools that turn out stupid people; corrupt cops; loss of yor civil rights and a governmant that doesn't give a damn about its citizens unless they can right a big fat check to get them elected. Hey, take your country back and you can calm down. Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine didn't put their lives on the line for what we have now. If they were alive they would be picking up their guns to go to Washington while I am writing this.
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There is currently a guy in the Californiarison system for life under the 3 strikes law. His 3rd. strike? He stole a $15 pizza. Yes, our prioroities are completely out of whack
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