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Roadstar Eninge noise

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I have a 2007 Roadstar Silverado. Even when its warm I have to use the choke to start it, and it kinda runs rough for a while. I had the carbs cleaned but it has never improved. Any ideas? Should I replace the jets and soak the carb even though the manufacturer claimed they cleaned it?

Also the engine has a bit of a "tinny" sound to it. It doesnt sound like the exhaust or a rattle, but more like an old truck that something is wrong with. Could that sound be carb related also? Its not the carb whine you can hear when its running, I do know that sound.

Ive only had it for a year and a half, and it always starts and never quits. I admit I dont know enough about bikes, so I want someones opinion on whether this needs attention or is pretty common.
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That's not a lot to go on for a remote diagnostic. There's probably a forum for the Roadstars where you can get an answer from people who have the same bike.

About the sound: did anybody screw with the exhaust system, as in "upgrade" it, or take out the baffles? Have the valves been adjusted and other basic maintenance been done?
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