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Key West Florida has 30,000 residents year round- of those 8,000 don't have car. Of those, thousands get around the 4 mile x 2 mile island on scooters. They ride buses provided by the city if they cjhoose to evacuateto the mainland during hurricanes.

In a small crowded city with perfect year-round weather scooters are ideal. But this is naturally the exception.

Scooters are much easier to ride,for people looking for alternatives to CARS, they can literally hop on and off, they are clean with no chains spraying grease or rain water spraying around your legs and shoes.

They have built-in balanced load carrying capacity ( think front carrier racks for Vespas) and in the old days when they were cheap they were good value ( wasn't everything?)

Nowadays motorcycles are reliable clean and economical so, lucky us, we get to play the lifestyle game on our rides.

Nice to see a Vespa review on MO.
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