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Re: What a shame

Suzuki is working as hard or harder than Honda or Yamaha, but the two racers they have (or 3 if you count Rio) are not exactly development riders. True, the Honda and Yamaha along with Rossi, Ukawa, Biaggi and Checa have done better than Roberts Jr. or Gibernau as 'development riders' on new bikes, but the Honda and Yamaha squad had extensive testing prior to the begin of MotoGP '02.

Suzuki should either be applauded or lambasted for rushing development and having the new GSV-R race where Roberts Jr. and Gibernau could only test for a few months. Honda and Yamaha had been testing for over a year, so that gives them a jump start over the Zook.

Just wait 'til Zook works the kinks out and Roberts Jr. gets back form, then 'Nda and 'Ha better watch out.

At least I hope!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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