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Rocket Touring Comparo

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Cool article! And you seem to have beaten everyone else to it.

Also...did MO get a new graphics guy or something?

I not done reading back to the article.
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Excellent! However, the real king of this class will offer something unique beyond the tried and true inline 4.

Memo to Suzuki (or Honda): Make it an inline 6 (or V6), offer top-shelf components, and I don't care how much it costs, I promise I'll buy one.
What's with the times new roman and the text going behind pictures? Jeez, I expect more for my $11.95.

Back to reading....
If you are referring to the 'tester's notes' section, thats your browser yo, not me... and its arial, not new times roman.. :p If it's something else, hit me offline...


You must have the Premium MO for the extra penny. I think that's the one where Kpaul writes in Esperanto and we spell everything correctly.

Times New Roman is the greatest font in the Universe. We have always used Times New Roman; we shall always use Times New Roman. All Hail (new) Rome!

As for the text going behind the pics, reload your browser, or check your screen size settings. Or clip your toenails. Or call our customer support center in New Dehli. Please press"*" and then "#".
Great, now I'm beginning to sound like Bizarro Superman...
Memo to Honda

Hello, Honda? V5, along about 1300ccs? Anybody home?

The sound that sucka would make, sign me up.
Re: $11.95?!?

Remind me to tell you the time when I was working for an adult entertainment company and I produced an entire 180 page magazine using "Mister Frisky", "Dom Casual", and "Verdana". The ads, too!
God, what great test. My renewal is in the (e)-mail.
The Honda will need to have Ion propulsion, and a cloaking device to compete with these babys. I NEED the Kawi.
Fantastic Review

Congratulations on an excellent review... Your review was captivating and informative not in a tech spec sheet way. But rather in what really counts way. i.e. if i was going to buy one of these bikes what would I like to know. You guys nailed it Great photos.. As far as the bikes go I have a soft spot for the Busa. It has cult like status..But the Ninja with hard bags makes a nice continental tourer..
Re: $11.95?!?

Ah I had to look up Esperanto. Yes I speak 7 Computer Languages where the grammar is precise and logical so Esperanto might be my thing.. English was always a struggle for me.. Good one Gabe.. I promise to use a spell checker more..

Great review by the way.
Re: $11.95?!?

That explains your use of colorful adjectives...:)
Ah! Speed AND comfort!

Great comparo, MO! Would like to see Honda bring something to the plate for 2007 (won't hold my breath).

BTW...did anyone ask the bear if he could wheelie at 90mph or liked hot wings.
Wow! I was hoping for this one. I can't believe you guys get paid to do this! I would have loved being part of this.

It will be interesting to see what happens next year with Suzuki. The heat is on.
Great test guys, Thanks. Sure sounds like fun.
Look upon my Busa, ye Mighty, and despair

Very insightful compro, lots of interesting observations. I wonder if Suzuki's entire linup is not in a bit of a decline lately.
Re: Memo to Honda

And tell 'em to let an Italian guy style it cuz the current Yu Gi Oh! styling the Japanese are offering is dusturbing.

The front of the ZX14 reminds me of the 80s Pontiac 6000STE
Yeah, but what do they say at the Burger Barn?
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