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Roger Lee Takes Win in Daytona Supersport; Hacking in Second.

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Looks like the new Kawi is the bike to beat this year. I always like to see one of the Haydens win, way to go Roger Lee.

I can't wait to see the race!
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I don't know that it is being re-aired. The Supersport and Superstock races were televised yesterday, along with Formula Extreme qualifying.
sweet, forgot to set the VCR, not used to thursday races... Just watched Phillip island last night as I was out of town on Tuesday. I loved Biaggi's impression of WSB. "A bunch of old dogs, that bite!"
Shizuki, any comment?
our boy Don Canet 29th! beat doug chandler...
BAH!! Why race if you can't win.

bec. you get free bike and all expenses paid i think is key in this case. trying to think of something that's a bigger thrill than riding round daytona in pack of 600s, hmmm, i, i can't...
I really can't think of a bigger thrill either.

Though sarcasm over the internets is hard to pull off.
"Shizuki, any comment?"

I gave up.

The nadir was this morning, when I checked out my favorite political blog and it contained a MotoGP spoiler (as in, the winner.)

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Good rides by Roger Lee Hayden and Jamie Hacking. The Kawasaki pair were looking good in Supersport.

In Formula Extreme though, it looks like the Buells will be tough to beat once again.
testing a post from the fonz's machine with apostophes'
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