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Rossi and Co. look to Catalunya

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IROC for motorcycle racing

It would be interesting to see an IROC style series with bikes of the same make etc. Just think Rossi, Haydens, Bostroms, Bayliss, Edwardes, Bates, etc. Just seeing Bayliss and Rossi on the same track once would be cool. Of course just trying to decide which bike to use would be a great debate. My vote would be the GSXR 750 Suzuki, Second choice would be the RC51.
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Re: IROC for motorcycle racing

Since GSXR750 may be obsolete soon, yet very capable, it might be the right choice. You just have to wait until all the pro riders are on other bikes so that there is no real advantage. It may breath new life into the bike.

Capirossi is on the provisional pole after the first qualifying practice. Who does he think he is?

Just your average great rider.
Re: Capirossi

Capirossi has bettered Rossi's qualifying time last year at the circuit by about two-tenths. Expect that to improve tomorrow, possibly seeing some 1:44s from the NSRs(?).

There's no doubt Rossi's using his head--sandbagging Friday's qualifying, to take final pole tomorrow. Arrogance? or Genius?

Bored yet?
Re: Hopkins in 8th on the M1!!! (nt)

You are correct, Hopkins is 8th in Friday qualifying, but where the hell did you get that he was riding an M1?? Last time I checked, he was riding the Red Bull 2 stroke YZR500....someone please correct me if I am wrong....

I seem to remember Shinochi Itoh hitting 201mph on a two stroke honda at Hockenhiem. Does anyone else remeber that. I think it was 93 or 94.
Re: Fastest?

it was actually 203mph in 1993, so i don't know why they are celebrating Ukawa's "new" record. i mean, 9 years and an additional 490cc later, it just doesn't seem very impressive. don't get me wrong, the RC211V is a total animal, but the 200mph barrier was broken a long time ago
Re: Hopkins in 8th on the M1!!! (nt)

I think you're right.

RoadRacingWorld has him riding the YZR in practice but qualifying on the M1. And we all know you can't be riding both...

Either way, pretty impressive.
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