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Re: Paranoia...

You do bring up an interesting notion thay Honda may play a role in making the RC look "much" faster. They have indeed been notorious for playing "politics" as some have accused during last year's Suzuka 8-Hour when the team of Barros/(forgot other rider) was quickly catching up with Rossi/Edwards when Edwards and Barros pitted - Edwards was given new tires and fuel while Barros's bike "unexpectedly" developed an engine "anomoly" that it required an oil change.

However, others pointed out that Honda didn't want the competition to know how fast the RC really is until now (some have claimed that Honda intentionally slowed Rossi down during the first few shakedown tests). Maybe/maybe not the RC is really a rocket, but we should have an idea when this weekend's IRTA tests (Biaggi and Checa's and now Kockinski's M1 will duke it out with Katoh's NSR, along with Laconi's RS3 and others). By the way, where's Rossi/Ukawa and the RC?

Then again, maybe Honda will slow Katoh down to give competitiors the illusion that the RC isn't really that fast yet or vice versa. The bottom line is we won't know how fast the RC really is until Round 1 at Suzuka...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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