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Rossi Eleventh Fastest in F1 Test.

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The guy is amazing and there's no doubt he'll get podiums in his 1st season and probably the championship in the next one.

It's all in the head and once you got it, you got it, doesn't matter what you're ride is.
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Also, this is on the OLD F2004 ferrari rather than the new V8 ferrari.

Actually, I believe that due to some rules changes regarding wings and downforce the 2004 car actually has the potential to be quicker than the 2006 cars some are testing. Still an impressive result, and it would certainly get me to watch F1 more often if Rossi was involved.
11th out of 15? what a has-been, washed -up back marker, why he'll never amount to much, no talent little ***.

At least peel off those Bridgestones and get some decent Michelin's on the car.......Do I have to think of everything???
Whopping 1 second between Rossi and Schumacher. Only testing, yes,
Wouldn't you like to see Schumacher try and put in a lap on a GP bike within a second of Rossi?
Not to flog a dead horse, but Valentino is IMHO the most talented racer of all time. I used to vote for Hailwood , but I am swayed. Sorry Mike.
I'm sure anyone who showed up to the F1 "race" @ Indy would disagree with you about the tires.
Yes. He's driving the "old" car, the one with the 3-liter V10, not the new one with the 2.4-liter V8.

Conveniently, Ferrari has left the question of Rossi's potential unanswered by giving him an extra 100 horsepower and making direct comparisons to the other drivers impossible.
Yeah, the 'old' 3.0L v10 vs the new 2.4 v8.

i hate censorship but when cretins like this make racial slurs they ought to be stricken. surely there is no place for that kind of nonsense at MO.
Re: Censors?

it was a joke nitwit, Rossi has an incredible amount of talant and will most likely follow in John Surtees footsteps wining both the motorcycle and F1 championships in a few years.

I'm not sure being italian qualifies as a seperate race either
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