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Rossi, Gibernau, and Roberts criticize Suzuka and corner workers in Kato Crash

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I was furious about how it was handled. The race should have been red flagged, and medical emergency teams rushed to the spot to assist immediately. Instead, there was kato being dragged around like a rag doll by corner workers who seemed only interested in clearing the track. I concede that in the heat of the moment, with the race not being stopped they may not have had any other choice, and were thinking about other riders going down on the debris or hitting Kato, but who gives the decision to red flag?

Very badly handled. I am steamed at Suzuka.
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While I agree with them, we'll see how serious Rossi and Gibernau are when it comes down to "Ride or you're fired".

Suzuka has been patently unsafe for quite a while. It's too bad it took a racer's death for someone to make a stand.
The man had head and spinal injuries. With him not moving the corner worker shouldn't have touched him until a medic got there. With injuries that serious it probably didn't change the outcome, but who knows what might have happened if they had immobolized him before moving him?
They should never race there again, that track has been a piece of crap forever.

We will see what happens next year when the almighty FIM tells everybody "you race or else"

That will be the time when Roberts, Rossi, etc. Will show how big their stones really are, until then poor Kato is still dead and talk as usual is cheap.
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