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I don't want to sound like the pessimist here, Rossi is a great champion, but how come there is always all this F1 talk as if Rossi will just waltz into F1 and pull championships? At this point, I'd say although going to F1 may be far more lucrative, as far as his overall "mystique" goes as a young champion that kicked tail, it could backfire big time. He may just take that $X dollar contract, go into F1, get his a$$ handed to him by Alfonso or some other joe blow and come right back. If it happened to Hailwood, it could happen to Rossi. IMHO, he should clean house for a few more years, secure the all time record, then retire as not only a motorcycle legend, but a ultra young legend instead of be known as the great rider that was an ordinary contender as a driver.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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