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The fact that he's been spinning the car (only a few times in 52 laps) points out that he is beginning to be able to master it and explore its limits.

True, he's at a tremendous disadvantage to drivers who've been in open wheel competition since they were six, but I happen to think that top racers in most any discipline will do pretty well in any form of motorsports they might choose to participate in. Also consider that F1 is a huge step up for anyone coming from one of the "feeder" series in any case.

Put Dale Earnhart - in his prime - in an F1 car (if you physically could have...) and he'd have been competitive after some time in the car. There is something guys at this level possess that we mere mortals simply don't. Watching Rossi in MotoGP lately has been watching one guy running his own race. He's been toying with the other riders. He's simply looking for a bigger challenge (and payday?)

I'm not ready to predict podiums, but he'll be a lot more entertaining to watch than Hiro Matsu****a or Andrea "DiCrashurus" ever were.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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