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"There is something guys at this level possess that we mere mortals simply don't."

After becoming a club racer myself, I no longer believe this for the top racing fields in general. Maybe guys like Rossi and Doohan personally, but not all of them. What a WSB or motoGP racer possesses is non-stop track time and experience since they were kids. No regular job to interfere. No worry about money. Can't even say that about all AMA superbike riders because there are some genuine privateers in that field with limited resources.

I have found that laptimes that once seemed unattainable simply come with time and experience. I have seen some riders that were timid, mediocre backmarkers at the beginning work their way to the front of the field and turn some very respectable times after a year's experience.

Sure, there's always someone here or there that just doesn't get it, or simply lacks the coordination or intuition to understand how to ride well, but most people can become pretty good given enough practice.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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