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Rossi / Yamaha fastest at 1st official MotoGP test.

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Over 200...

All but one!?! Holy crap. I hope the track safety guys are paying attention. This some serious speed.
Re: It's All About The Rider

To further illustrate Rossi's greatness, I see at least 10 other riders with faster straight line speeds (i.e., Rossi made up the time with skill into, in, and out of the corners). Even at this level, it appears that rider skill can be more important than the bike. Amazing. It looks like we are in for a great year of MotoGP, with American riders contending for the championship! You've got to love it.
Re: Over 200...

I hope the Highway department of AZ (and everywhere else) is paying attention. Surely these guys will all die because they are going wau too fast. We all know that "speed kills," so these guys will simply shrivel up and die at the end of each race. If bikes can go this fast safely, why should I be limitted to 70 mph? Not that I bother going at 70 very often, but it's the principle of the thing.

Yeah but put 'em in an English pub and I could outdrink them all. Hiccup!

Damn I'm tired.

Nighty night.
Re: It's All About The Rider

An excellent point -- what does that further say about Kenny Roberts given the top end that he was giving up to those above and below him?
Some how I think Rossi could make even the Kawasaki and Aprilia look good

Even though he is down on speed, he makes up for it. Yes Rossi is/will be the greatest racer ever . Those other riders are probably freaking now. Wierd to see Bayliss so low. Must of had a bad day.
Jet lag is ***** going that way. Always easier coming back. I used to travel Europe and the Middle East.
Re: It's All About The Rider

You make a good point Eprick. However, I think it is going to be another long year for Suzuki fans. Cause Roberts isn't Rossi and the Suzuki still has problems. See his teamate's time.


The Great Motorcycle prophet.
Re: Over 200...

People with your deductive skills shouldn't be allowed to drive at all.
I don't watch racing, or any sport, really, but I feel obligated to root for somebody. Therefore, I'm putting all my money on Nouatsu Aoki, who has a certain something that nobody else in this news post has.

By the by, what's Proton?
If Rossi could only complain about the rules, bytch about the tracks, and whine about the race announcers, he could be a REAL champion. Barring that, I guess he'll have to be satisfied with being the fastest rider in the world.
Re: It's All About The Rider

To state the obvious; this is going to be a great year in Moto GP. To bad SPEED didn't cover this event.

I don't think Roberts is going to win it all this year, The Texas Tornado is my pick to win it all but Kenny Jr will wring the most out of the Suzuki and be in the top 7 or 8 when all is said and done. With the way things have gone in the past two years Kenny Jr he has to be a little frustrated.
Re: It's All About The Rider

But keep in mind that Hopkins is still recovering from two broken ankles.
Nicky arrives

The four top Hondas are just .06 seconds apart and .1 second behind Rossi. Hayden and Edwards are riding among the greatest. If Nicky keeps his rubber side down and Yamaha fails to run race distance, Hayden is a contendah!
Re: Nicky arrives

Nicky also says that he is not the best test rider, and feels he rides better in an actual race. His results say that also, he rairly had a pole position start in the AMA.
Re: Nicky arrives

going to be ding-dong battle all yr betw. Hayden and Edwards and Rossi, a return to the hammer & tong battles of rainey lawson gardner schwantz. Top speed doesn't matter so much, Ducatis have been fastest since the get go. It's speed at corner entrance and speed out, and who knows who was drafting who when those speeds were taken anyway? On behalf of the entire yamaha motor whatever I have only to say BITE ME HONDA!!
YES! It is going to be a great season, my only gripe? They will not be coming to the US of A, damm!
Kawi's beat Bayliss

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