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Rossi / Yamaha fastest at 1st official MotoGP test.

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John Boy... Look at the Sheet. 4 of the top 5 are Honda's. Even if rossi does manage to become the first rider to win a championship competing against the 211V, it won't change the fact that Honda is still dominating.

But it's still to early for any of that yet. Tests are great, but test ain't racin'.

Stupid question, what the hell is WCM (brand for the slow-ass rider who came in last going *only* 195mph which is probably faster than my bike will go downhill with a good tailwind and nitrous)?
Re: Over 200...

People with your ignorance of sarcasm shouldn't cast aspersions on the intellectual abilities of others.
Right on, Rossi.

It should be noted that his fastest time was achived with a top speed way back in 6th place...

On the "but test ain't racin'." comment: true, but with Mr. Rossi, we all know that he only gets faster when it's for real....

Re: Nicky arrives

There was a 25mph tailwind helping all the riders on the last day. I take those numbers w/ a grain of salt. We'll see what they really are on race day.
Re: Nicky arrives

Barros??? Gibernau??? Biaggi??? Capirossi???

Talk about talent!
Re: WCM?

WCM is actually a modified R1. They took a stock R1 and modified the crap out of it, its actually quite interesting to see how far can an R1 be modified.
Re: WCM?

I thought WCM was running a 2002 or 2003 spec RCV?
Re: WCM?

They tried to race a bike with a modified R1 engine - but were not allowed. This is because bikes in MotoGP must be prototypes (i.e. not allowed to use anything from current production bikes).
Re: Over 200...

Sorry, you're right. Just before I wrote that I had just read a personal account of a guy who had seen his buddy bore his bike and himself into the radiator of a van last weekend... A horrible story with a fatal outcome, the sort we all dread to read or hear...

Anyway, at that moment I couldn't see the humor in the post about racing on the street... Take care.
Re: Over 200...

I think the answer to your question is: Because you're probably not anything resembling Valentino Rossi.

(As none of us here.)
Any bets on how long it will take Biaggi to complain that his bike isn't competitive?
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