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Round Three: The Drag Strip

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As I sit here reading this ... looking out the window of my Fremont office at the empty field that one was Baylands Raceway ..... I feel a certain envy, but thanks for helping to bring back memories of the Wednesday night drags.

How about some more info as to what RPM's you were launching at ?
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Being a Californian but having southern family you learn that you MUST put in the sugar before the tea cools. Otherwise you just end up with a sandbar of sugar on the bottom.

As for the story, Great read! Brought back fond memories of my old 68 GTO and 71 Cutlass. I miss the rumble of a pair of cut off glasspacks.
Re: Yes!!!

Im about to remove MCN from my favorites. Well now that they cut out most of the content and force you to buy the mag. They do have some interesting storys, but no decent writting.
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