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Round Three: The Drag Strip

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As I sit here reading this ... looking out the window of my Fremont office at the empty field that one was Baylands Raceway ..... I feel a certain envy, but thanks for helping to bring back memories of the Wednesday night drags.

How about some more info as to what RPM's you were launching at ?
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Dude, you are right.

I got my 1K Gixxer DESPITE of last years test, and it sure does the job.

The Yoshimura EMS and exhaust system gave it lots of extra muscle, and a proper steering damper solved the headshakes problem.

I don’t realy understand this comfort crap. It’s all about pain in the end, and believe me, my back and the gixxer are real good friends.

I also use the bike on town streets and traffic jams, and I have no complains.

It’s a great bike, and it sure kicks the competitions ass.

OK, so it will not win this years test…

Take my word as a proud owner, that’s the bike to have!!!!!!!!

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Re: To poor to pay attention

True, I also believe the Suzuki is the best bike, but then it lost last year.

If it wins, this means Yamaha and Honda managed to ruin their bikes...

Maybe the guys needed the time to accept the new standards set by the gixxer, and they will grant it the title...
Re: To poor to pay attention

Well great!

When it comes to 1:1 HP to wight bikes, Hooliganism is the name of the game...
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