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I actually agree, but to a point. If the bike handles extremely well and has more power than 3 mile island but you can't stand to sit on it for more than 20 minutes what's the point? I like to ride for HOURS at a time. Fast. On nice curvy country roads. Not just a few seconds on a dragstrip, or 20 minutes on a track, or the ten minutes back and forth to work. (who cares if it has "luggage hooks"?) I'm not looking for a GoldWing- couch-on-wheels. But, geez, I don't want to be a pretzel for a day. Besides, I bet I can pass the fatigued pretzel-guy on my "slightly" more comfortable ride....Anyway, different body types will feel comfortable on different machines, right? A 6ft guy with a 32" inseam may hate the Honda ergo's, while feeling perfectly comfy (as these bikes will allow) on the yam....hope your knee gets better....
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