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The saddest thing about this test is that even though the Suzuki is ahead of the other two bikes, there's no way they're going to let it win. The bike didn't win last year and it's unchanged this time around. The staff will drone on about the intangibles the other bikes supposedly have so that the Suzuki can come in last. It's like this, everyone knows the Suzuki is king, we know this. Honda goes on and on about 'performance first.' Well the Suzuki kills the Honda performance-wise. But oh, I forgot, sport bikes are supposed to double as Gold Wings for around town use. SPORT as in PERFORMANCE as in WHO CARES ABOUT ERGONMICS AND CROSS-COUNTRY PROWESS. You idiots who go on and on about how these bikes are supposed to be comfort cruisers to and from work make me sick. Go buy a different bike. Let these bikes compete the way they were intended.

P.S. Sorry if I got a little carried away. I just crashed my bike two weeks ago and tore my knee up. I tell you this not for pity, but due to the injury I'm on some mind-altering pain killers. Maybe it's the 'good stuff' talking.
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