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Round Three: The Drag Strip

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As I sit here reading this ... looking out the window of my Fremont office at the empty field that one was Baylands Raceway ..... I feel a certain envy, but thanks for helping to bring back memories of the Wednesday night drags.

How about some more info as to what RPM's you were launching at ?
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Yeah, but Johnny Boy stopped in Jack in the Crack, grabbed a sweet tea (wait, this is California, not Georgia), and still beat you.

Damn, I hated that when I was in Cali. No Damn sweet tea... anywhere. Not even KFC.

This is a perfect example of how great writing is not common. Don't get me wrong, Don Canet is a great guy, but Cycle World bored me to death with the bland explanations and stats when it came evualating performance. You guys are doing a great job of making our reading enjoyable and worth the money.

Too bad has now become [sort of] a pay site. The content is not worth the money.
What, no sweet tea!?!?!?!

I assure you it's just not the same. Putting the sugar in while the tea is warm just doesn't quite cut it. Here in the South, they brew the tea super hot WITH the sugar already mixed in, so it taste naturally sweet. When you put the little white packs of sugar in from the freakin' CERAMIC sugar holder, it just doesn't taste right. I guess you gotta be from Jorja (or close to it) to understand. It's just not the same.
Re: Yes!!!

Yeah, I gave up on them a while back. I use to check for race times, but now and get the times first (?) and also charges for anything other than the timesheets and one paragraph headlines. MCN is no longer worth reading either. You have to buy the mag and they get stories a day or three late anyway.
To poor to pay attention

Maybe they are setting us up and the Suzuki will actually win. The only place the Suz didn't win was the backroads, and it was in second place after the track. So it has to win. I like the Yam, but the Suzuki earned the title. Really.
Re: To poor to pay attention

Maybe it's a different priority this year. MOre of a Hooligan factor measured in.
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