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I was there in person; it was a great weekend!

Personally I thought Edwards had Bayliss' measure in race 1. He was sitting right on his tail for most of the last part of the race, and his bike looked absolutely on rails, with the tyres obviously doing a great job. Then he made a small error and lost contact just a few laps before the end. Bar that error (hit a neutral going into Siberia) I'm sure he would have passed Bayliss just before the line.

Race 2 and Edward's rear tyre started to vibrate and slide about three laps before the end, and Bayliss just pulled away. I'd say this should have been Edward's weekend, but you just can't fault Bayliss' performance.

As for Xaus - what a showman, his big drifting, spinning and smoking drives onto the main straight were a sight to behold. And he seems to be a really nice guy!

Haga was definitely the crowd favourite (after the hometown hero Bayliss) and did some superb monos and burnouts after Superpole.

Looks like a fantastic season ahead! And then there's the GP's!!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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