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It's a conspiracy.

1. Haga went to GPs on a mediocre bike, on Michelin tires (he favors dunlops) and on tracks he had never seen. He did fairly well at tracks like Philips island. I think he did ok in his first full year.

2. Bayliss has always been fast, on any bike, on any track, even one's he has never been to. He went to daytona and was fastest the entire weekend until he crashed in the race. Look at tapes of his Australian and British Superbike races, he is a great.

3. To get a ride in GPs you have to be a son of a great or Japanese, Italian, or Spanish. Or a Woman. Anyway, look at riders like Cardoso, Abe, Barros, Checa (before switching to 4 stroke), Aoki, and you wonder how they manage to stay in the series. Even Mat Mladin said it's all politics to get a ride in GP1. You got plenty of other American, British, and Australian riders that wish to make the jump. Ever wonder why so many Italians, Japanese and Spaniards are in GP?

Look how they gave that ride to Riba when Criville went down with the head trauma and Riba has no proven track record in GPs or superbikes. Abe and Riba just plain suck.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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