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RUB Targeted Bar in Houston

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Not even if I had that kind of money.

Oh, first post. =)
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And people say the economy is in the toilet.
Worried about outlaw bikers? He ought to be worried about gay bikers -- he just built their dream hangout.
Yet another symptom of the decline of our civilization?

On the other hand, to each his own. In some ways I think these cruisers/lemming-mobiles are a wonderful thing. They keep these folks off sport bikes.

When everyone and their brother starts riding sport bikes, that's when I'll get my first cruiser.

Go ahead, FLAME away!
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I have a Nighthawk and a VFR, can I help out?! Or does that make me a RUB because I have two bikes!

Does selling liquor and bikes in the same building seem a little odd to anyone else? Or is Darwin at work again?
I'd love to pull my Warrior up to their valet parking area and do a 4 gear burnout, covering the outdoor patio full of brand new leather chap wearing, cosmo drinking Rubbies in a cloud of smoke and burning rubber particles. That is all.
Quoted from the article:

"It's a "long, low and mean machine," Hayes said, not meant for long drives — more of a "look at me" vehicle."

Ya think?
Big deal. When the margins drop in 2-3 years, they'll remodel in a scheme of whatever's trendy at that time. This ain't really about the scoots, look at the guy's past business.

Oh, and Steve781, I'm sure you & your pals are more'n welcome to crash the party - so long as your credit's good.

Sounds like the lemmings control your life more than you control theirs. Since you seem to worry about who does what, and when, wouldn't that make you a lemming too??
If you believe in these things, the location is jinxed. It is a remodeled laundry building (there is a joke in there somewhere, perhaps taking the RUB's to the cleaners?) that has served as the burial ground for at least two good restaurants.

My credit is probably adequate for crashing the party, but just barely. I'll let my ex-Enron buddies put down their unobtanium Amex for the Shiner Bocks. The same guys on the old VFR and Nighthawk.
Liquor and bikes on the same charge receipt; does seem a bad omen.

Two bikes are a good thing in my book. I regularly switch my Givi's between my VFR and Bandit.
Dam, that was pretty good! I guess I'm the rebellious lemming. Doing just the opposite of what I feel every one else is doing? Going out of my way to do so in fact.

Honestly, I think we all look for a place to fit in. Yes, I'm very passionate about the type of bikes I prefer. And yes, I too catch myself pontificating on the subject from time to time.

Live and let live I say, but with this caveat;

I will admit that the "emperor's new clothes" attitude that I've encountered with in certain demographics of riders, simply put, irritates me.

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Does the Busa really do 187?
two words: Strokers Dallas-

Been there done that- for years
Not with me on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Möglicherweise kann ein deutscher squid diese Frage beantworten?
so that's what a "RUB" is...

sounds like a great and your riding buddies split a bottle of Grey Goose and then go for a ride.
If I find the right area, I may find out someday. I have been well into the triple digits, and it gets there waaaaaaay easy.
Does Houston offer DWI fines on a sliding scale?
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