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It works on the GW's thinner sister-The Valkyrie

I have 13 K on a Goodyear Eagle tire and I have lost count of how many hundreds of my fellow VRCC (Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club) members have successfully mounted car tires on their Valks. We have been doing it for several years with thousands of safe, enjoyable miles. There are some trade offs, as the tires "wander" a bit at parking lot speeds and on uneven pavement, but the straight line stability, comfort and traction in wet and dry weather is amazing. A few have tried them and gone back, but the majority say they will never go back to a bike tire.

I would say that the Gold Wing guys got the idea from us, but who knows. I am open-minded to trying new things, but other people are threatened by change. Several in our own club predicted all of the car tire guys (known as the "dark-siders") would die some awful, fiery death when we first started experimenting with them.

But all of us are still here :)
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