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Safer riding or just a gimmick?

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Not sure I'd want a helmet that splits down the center like that...

in August...

in Texas...
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I think that we are talking about the kind of glues used in airplane manufacture for years. If it's good enough to hold a 747 together, I'm sure my helmet would be fine. What a great idea.

And no, not model airplanes you jokers.

Is that the "construction adhesive" they used to mount the vertical stabilizer on that plane that crashed in NY?
Old news......

A truly stupid idea nonetheless and to really prove it Audi GIVES him an award. Geez.....

If the "genius" was so concerned about saving lives, rather than selling helmets, he would work on making better tools to cut the helmet, if needed. In any case, there are already modular helmets.
With some severe head and neck injuries, this would be fantastic. It's almost impossible to get current helmet designs off the head without risking further very serious problems. A simple solution to a well known and serious problem.
Wouldn't it be better to create cervical collars that would fit a neck with a helmet on, than a helmet that has a seam in it? I'd rather just immobilize the neck till the person can be gotten to the hospital than have a helmet that risks splitting open.
Another design included an air bladder inside the helmet. The idea was that an EMT could inflate the bladder and gently remove the helmet using air pressure instead of pulling on the injured rider's neck and head.

That idea got slowed by fear of personal injury lawyers. Mr. Robusti will face the same problem, at least in the USA.

If either of these ideas look promising enough, racers will eventually try them. After the idea has been tested and proven in a racing environment, I would guess that the legal system would be less of a problem.

We are not the only ones who would benefit from a helmet removal technology. Anyone who wears a crash helmet and risks crashes will benefit. If it really works, maybe it could be applied to football helmets and other sports helmets.

This specific idea may or may not be a good one, but it addresses a problem that needs a lot of attention.
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Don't worry, if a helmet like that does come into market, it will definately be designed in such a manner that safety is compromised minimally.
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