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Safety Instructor Killed in Accident.

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Left turn... again. Driver only gets a couple of tickets for killing someone...again.
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I figure someone turns left in front of you because there are no other cars near you - the left-turner didn't see the motorcycle because he was looking for cars. So, in that case you can stop in the middle of the intersection in front of the left-turning car to make sure it doesn't pull out in front of you without getting rear-ended. I've done it a few times and really got noticed!
For the experience, it seems the "unexpected" is what gets you. Case in point this crash, and the one that claimed Grodsky (a deer jumped-out in front of him).

The thing is, the guy that left-turned the rider here would probably have done it even were she driving a Semi-tractor. It's not that people don't see motos - it's that they don't see ANYTHING.

Hold your arms out in front of you, at about a 45-degree angle. Now pick a spot 45 feet in front of you (about 12 metres). That cone of vision; THAT is what your typical driver sees.

Forget mirrors, forget colours, forget lights or sirens - if you're not within that cone of vision (as seen through the mask of an auto windscreen), you aren't a "problem" to the typical cage occupant, and can be "safely ignored".

You take your Life into your own hands every time you straddle your Moto - Act like it.
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First sentence should have started "For the experienced...."

Sorry, let that one slip on the Proof.
I'm generally riding in a state of paranoia, figuring someone is a fraction of a second away from trying to crush my bones, but intersections heighten that even further. Just in the past month alone the number of drivers who seemingly are looking right at me and then turn across my path of travel likely exceeds the number of fingers on my hands.

The most scary turns however are when someone decides to turn right from a lefthand lane, or left from a righthand lane. Until moving to CA a couple years back I'd never seen anyone do that, and now it's at least a once per week occurance. Topping that off, nobody uses their goddamn signals either. Biggest peeve ever, bigger than cell phones.
Freaking shame. Drivers should be hit with vehicular homicide, not negligent driving. This does bring up my 3 little rules of riding, there are more, but these are the basics:

1. Drivers do not see you.

2. They are all out to kill you

3. If they actually do see you, refer to rule 2.

Has served me very well for over 30 years. I just assume that they are out to get me. Try try to make eye contact with the 'tards, if that fails, just be ready because they are turning, changing lanes, what ever, into you...but it is about to happen.

And yes, I failed to follow those 3 little rules one damned time (didn't figure on the idiot cutting me off then stopping in an empty damn lane right in front of me) and got a busted knee cap and a new Harley scuffed up in the process (knew I should have ridden the old sidecar rig that morning) and the jerk just drove away with witnesses screaming at him...and no license plate...

Be careful out there all....I hate reading and hearing about any of us being innocent bystanders...
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Defending the dead

I really get sick of the guys (GPTB mostly)who get on here and criticize folks who die on bikes from the negligence of others.

As the bumper sticker says shyt happens.. The guy pulls in front of her, she was driving the speed limit i.e doing everything right. If she would have been driving a car would anyone criticize her. Heck no. But because we are riders we are in denial i.e. we think we could of done better by being a better, more defensive rider. So you MOrons usually engage in a barrage of criticism of the dead rider.. So let me try to preempt that crap right now. Sometimes there is nothing you can do...You are on a bike with little protection and you may die if you hit something. Stop the denial .

The left hand turn is classic situation that kills alot of good experienced riders. You can slow down as you go through the intersection, cover the brake etc. But bottom line if the guy wants to make a left turn he will..

Riders in this country die everyday from these types of "accidents". If you don't believe me set up a google alert to look for news stories that have the words "motorcycle accident" I did that I got depressed by the 3 mails a day that would end up in my yahoo mail account.
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"So, in that case you can stop in the middle of the intersection in front of the left-turning car to make sure it doesn't pull out in front of you without getting rear-ended. " I don't think that is practical for most of the busy streets here.
Re: Defending the dead

By the way a Tacoma motorcycle cop was killed in a similar situation. I think he was a 20 year veteran...
Re: Defending the dead

"I really get sick of the guys (GPTB mostly)who get on here and criticize folks who die on bikes from the negligence of others."

Maybe she should have worn a helmet. That pretty much fixes everything, doesn't it?
Kill a motrocycle rider, GO TO JAIL

should be the law.
Re: Defending the dead

Amen ksquid. I was thinking the same thing.

Was she really not wearing a helmet (to another poster)?

To everyone, this might make you feel better. My best friend died a few weeks ago of a heart attack at age 37. He was in reasonably good health, if not in prime shape. We all got to go someday. Don't hold back from living just to eke out a few extra years. Of course that's no comfort to the families who lost a perfectly healthy member to a motorcycle accident. I guess my point is, it's not like we're guaranteed to live to 100 unless we ride motorcycles.

But geez definitely pad up out there, so you have a better chance of surviving going down. I remember running into my surgeon in an elevator. He saw my armored Vanson jacket and commented very positively on it. He was even cheerfully optimistic. When he asked if I had pants (I didn't) he looked down and away. I got pants as soon as I could after that, believe me. I realized how crappy it would be to survive an accident but with my hip and knee ground to the bone.

F'n-A, pad up and saddle up and enjoy your blessed life.
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Re: Defending the dead

Was she? I don't think you are dumb enough to agrue with the fact that wearing a helmet increases your chances of surviving an accident. Are you?
Re: Defending the dead

Excellent point on the pants.. When I recently went down wearing jeans I had some pretty good patches of road rash. From now on I am wearing real motorcycle pants.
90/100 W H4 headlight with the high beam modulated. Tends to get folks attention...
...or necessary on a busy street since you can use cars around you as interference. In the case described I assumed there were no other cars - could be wrong - never underestimate the idiocy of a car driver.
Re: Defending the dead

"I recently went down wearing jeans"

-bgdix to the white courtesy phone please.
Re: Defending the dead

I don't think you are dumb enough to argue that wearing helmets fixes all problems are you?
Re: Defending the dead

I bet you got worse cases of diaper rash than road rash!
Re: Defending the dead

LOL bigotdx must be on vacation at the white supremcy bootcamp and workshop. :)
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