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Freaking shame. Drivers should be hit with vehicular homicide, not negligent driving. This does bring up my 3 little rules of riding, there are more, but these are the basics:

1. Drivers do not see you.

2. They are all out to kill you

3. If they actually do see you, refer to rule 2.

Has served me very well for over 30 years. I just assume that they are out to get me. Try try to make eye contact with the 'tards, if that fails, just be ready because they are turning, changing lanes, what ever, into you...but it is about to happen.

And yes, I failed to follow those 3 little rules one damned time (didn't figure on the idiot cutting me off then stopping in an empty damn lane right in front of me) and got a busted knee cap and a new Harley scuffed up in the process (knew I should have ridden the old sidecar rig that morning) and the jerk just drove away with witnesses screaming at him...and no license plate...

Be careful out there all....I hate reading and hearing about any of us being innocent bystanders...
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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