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Re: Defending the dead

Amen ksquid. I was thinking the same thing.

Was she really not wearing a helmet (to another poster)?

To everyone, this might make you feel better. My best friend died a few weeks ago of a heart attack at age 37. He was in reasonably good health, if not in prime shape. We all got to go someday. Don't hold back from living just to eke out a few extra years. Of course that's no comfort to the families who lost a perfectly healthy member to a motorcycle accident. I guess my point is, it's not like we're guaranteed to live to 100 unless we ride motorcycles.

But geez definitely pad up out there, so you have a better chance of surviving going down. I remember running into my surgeon in an elevator. He saw my armored Vanson jacket and commented very positively on it. He was even cheerfully optimistic. When he asked if I had pants (I didn't) he looked down and away. I got pants as soon as I could after that, believe me. I realized how crappy it would be to survive an accident but with my hip and knee ground to the bone.

F'n-A, pad up and saddle up and enjoy your blessed life.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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