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'Sayonara, Hayabusa', says ESPN Writer.

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Hope the legislators take Easterbrook's Corvette penis extension too.

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Did you see the latest one? The Feds are saying they have the right interfere with local law enforcement any time they wish because they give out Homeland Security money.
One of the most dangerous things is a swimming pool.
Re: Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a Winner!

Dude, this guy edits for the New Republic. You are wasting your time pointing out logic to him.

Make a senseless emotional argument incorporating false statistics instead. He might respond to that.
Sorry, the one thing that's going to save us is that so many legislators are baby boomers and own Harleys.
This fool, like so many others, is unaware of the basis of our legal system. We are not under Napoleonic law or Sharia. Our legal system descends from English Common Law. Under our system you have the legal right to do anything that isn't forbidden by law. We don't need to govt's "permission" to do anything. According to this fool the only things we can do without the govt's permission are speak, worship and own guns. He has the usual but idiotic idea that the govt confers "rights". What an arrogant moonbat.

If he were treated as cavalierly as he tries to treat motorcyclists he'd be crying ang moaning at the top of his lungs. Typical hypocrite.
But... but... but.... it's for the children! I mean, if it will save just one life! And if it will protect our borders.......
1 - 6 of 113 Posts
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