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'Sayonara, Hayabusa', says ESPN Writer.

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Hope the legislators take Easterbrook's Corvette penis extension too.

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I wrote Gregg and told him I was going to ride my Hayabusa today and speed, cut people off, race from stoplights, and terrify old people in his honor. Oh yeah, I'm not going to wear a helmet either just for effect. I might as well live up to his worst nightmare.
"except I would wear my helmet :)"

Of course you would, you have to! :))
Re: Kill Ratio

Hell Yeah. See my response? I'll live down to his lowest expectations every time. F$ck him and the horse he rode in on.
There was Joan Claybrook before Danforth. Remember that doin right ain't got no end.
Re: Kill Ratio

Always willing to please!
1 - 5 of 113 Posts
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