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Here is what I wrote

Mr. Easterbrook

When I first read your article I was enraged and frustrated. As a response, I (via a chat room) asked many of my motorcycling brethren to email their opinions to you about your comments about the Hayabusa and motorcycles in general. My first email response attempt failed, and now that I have some time to think about the issue I have calmed down and have become more sad than anything else. I wish you would have done better research before you lambasted high performance motorcycles. It is true that they are dangerous, but no more so than a car of any type or size. Not anyone should be able to buy and operate a Hayabusa or any other type of high performance motorcycle, but by the same logic many people should not be allowed to drive Corvettes or Ferraris, or even a SUV. High performance vehicles require expert abilities, and I don´t think because someone has driven a Honda Civic for 5 years means they can handle a Corvette once they get that big raise. A middle aged man who has been driving a Camry for the last 10 years does not necessarily have the skill as a driver to go out a safely operate a Porsche. I do not know your opinion on this issue, but why wasn´t there more of an outcry about the abuse of sport cars because of the Danny Heatly/Dan Snyder disaster or the bobby Phills accident. In both cases people died. By your article´s reasoning these types of vehicles should be banned as well. I don´t mind your view that high performance motorcycles should be confined to closed course use, and actually our streets would be safer without them, however you cannot intelligently use a type of vehicle (a sports car) as a metric for how unsafe motorcycles are when that vehicle metric is even more unsafe, and then not call for the ban on that vehicle as well. Finally, while Rothlisberger was stupid for not wearing a helmet, the accident was not his fault. He was hit by a woman who couldn´t operate her car safely, and he almost died as a result of it. This would be like blaming the Jews that were killed in the Holocaust for not realizing the danger and leaving Europe when it was still possible for some of them to do so.

Thank you for reading this.

Matthew Elke
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