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'Sayonara, Hayabusa', says ESPN Writer.

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Hope the legislators take Easterbrook's Corvette penis extension too.

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My 0.002$ worth:

Mr Easterbrook,

Your artical blasting the Hyabusa is opinioned at best and factually lax. I'll concide, I don't agree with riding without a helmet. However, you said nothing of the fact the accident to Mr Rothberger was caused by the car driver. And the size, speed, power of the bike had nothing to do with this. BTW, you didn't mention the Hyabusa speed is limited to 186 mph and the zero to 100 mph is optimistic by about 2-2.5 seconds. Anyway, there are other areas to be outraged at--how about head injuries to horseback riders? How about the fatigued driver (ie, lack of sleep)? How about the availability of hand guns? etc, etc. The Hyabusa is an expert-only motorcycle. Why not go after those who allow the sale of this type of machine without ever having to offer any proof or demonstration he/she has command of the requisite skill set.

Next time, do a little research.
1 - 1 of 113 Posts
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