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Here is a copy of my e-mail to Dan Easterbrook,

OK Dan, I guess you don't like motorcycles. I am 53 years old, and although I do not own a Hayabusa, I do own a motorcycle with a significantly better power to weight ratio than a Corvette. Since we are on the subject of Corvettes, I guess that they should be banned along with a number of Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis, and any other high performce automobile or motorcycle.

The Hayabusa exists for exactly the same reason as the Corvette. However, the average person can get 4 Hayabusas for the price of one Corvette. I agree that the Hayabusa does not have all of the safety equipment that the Corvette has, but neither does a moped, a bicycle, or my daughter's horses, and I don't think you have an issue with them.

I do not ride motorcycles in order to behave in an antisocial manner. If Dan Rothlesberger, or me, or anyone else chooses to ride a motorcycle, it is none of your business. Personally I think the idiot tailgating my family car in his 6000 pound SUV is just as antisocial as the motorcyclist zooming by at excessive speed or the Harley with loud exhaust pipes.

I guess I will stop watching ESPN until you nolonger work there. That is a shame, because I enjoy ESPN coverage of some sports.

f my e-mail to ESPN:
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