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I know this sounds crazy, but I found little concern with his comments.

Motorcycling is still a taboo sport amongst most of society....and while I understand that most people find it dangerous, I cannot stand by and allow someone to group all of us as hooligans.

In my younger years, not too long ago, factually, I have done enough bad things on a bike to aggravate a good many I can say that these comments are not totally unwarranted....but just like drinking, smoking,skydiving, scuba diving, bull riding....and so on, our sport is that of thrill seekers.

I dislike the fact that he bashes the motorcycle just for being a marvel of technology, but he does have a valid point for the most part, it doesnt belong in the hands of many people who posess them. I was 21 riding a ZX12R with 180hp....and in all seriousness, it was silly for the dealership to allow me to even buy it.

i learned a great deal about riding with that bike and now Im not a beginner, not a novice but not yet an lets just say right under an advanced rider., I, however, differ from many my age...esecially Roethesberger (sp) who stupidly refuses to wear a helmet....especially considering how much money he stands to lose for contract violations.

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