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Easterbrook also writes about science and doesn't know much about it. Writes about the entertainment industry and is pretty dumb about that too.

He writes a huge amount on things he doesn't know a lot about but except for the little dust up linked to above it has served him well for within his seeming irreverance and pretense of coolness he is a transmitter of the conventional wisdom as held by the Republican political establishment. Like most all you hear and read it is meant to manufacture consensus.

It's not news that most people are more than happy to hate sport bikers for a few minuets in response to an invitation from the likes of Easterbrook to do so. That said, it doesn't really mean a thing. No draconican laws against bikes are going to comed down the chute. It was just a throw away comment meant to stir the pot. Wrtint him in protest is beyond futile.
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