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'Sayonara, Hayabusa', says ESPN Writer.

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Hope the legislators take Easterbrook's Corvette penis extension too.

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Re: Which views he expressed are ignorant?

Just wondering, what is sensible?

100 mph capability?

90 mph?

80 mph?

These are all over any legal speed limits that I'm aware of. Should all vehicles be governed so that they cannot ever exceed the speed limit?

Laws don't prevent accidents, people do. You can still crash and die while traveling well below the speed limit.. but you know this.
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Re: Which views he expressed are ignorant?

"No need to wonder, the government (either state or federal) will make..."

This sounds like you are endorsing the government deciding what is "sensible."

How will I have a motorcycle accident if I can't ride one? Obviously this question needs no answer.

I hope that the imbeciles you speak of do moderate their behavior, or better yet, that the imbeciles who endorse legislating away irresponsiblity lose their ability to enact or enforce legislation.
I'll say it again... Divide that 200 mph figure by 2.. now you have 100 mph. Is this absurd? You can't just pick a number without any justification.

Is the justification that the Hayabusa that Ben was riding can approach 200 mph?

The emotional part of the column is the reaction to the Hayabusa. It has nothing to do with statistics or facts, instead it is solely based on the author's opinion that 200 mph is too fast. It sure sounds fast, but is it any worse than a vehicle that only reaches 80 mph? They both exceed the speed limit, and therefore can allow the rider to break the law.

What would someone say to a Hayabusa limited to 60 mph with the same acceleration? Is it more safe because it has a lower top speed? How about a 500 hp Z06 with nearly the same acceleration, is it more safe? Would one have a good chance of surviving a top speed crash in a Z06?

Singling out one type of vehicle based on little other than conjecture makes little sense, especially when one is doing so in legislation.

While we're at it, let's add side impact airbags to Corvettes, Buicks, minivans, etc. Let's add rollcages, require helmets for drivers, and reduce acceleration dramatically. This would protect an irresponsible driver from him/herself. Why not reduce city speed limits to 15 mph so there would be little chance that a pedestrian would be hit?

Apparently freedom is less important than preventing every opportunity for one to be harmed.
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