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Okay, here's what I sent to that guy:

Facinating comments on fast sport bikes. I agree they're dangerous...all motorcycles are. Anytime you're riding on a motorized rail down a highway, you could end up dead. But by choice, I ride every chance I get.

Your call to ban all sport bikes, however, is patently ridiculous. You need to take a bit of a physics class; your Ford Fusion sedan (which I am sure you own, since you are so anti-performance) has the potential for much more destruction at 60 mph than a sport bike at double that speed, due to the mass involved. If you argue for banning all sport bikes, then you must call for banning all performance automobiles as well. You may want to watch yourself, though; you'll ***** off one of your sponsors, Toyota.

Some people will be dangerous driving anything; some people are just plain careless. Lots of people where I live are into guns, too. Don't give me that cop-out of motorcycles not being in the Constitution.

But that's okay...hang on long enough and you'll probably get your wish. I found it funny that you also talked about George Orwell later on in your column. We are moving in that direction, with help from people like you. When "they" come for YOUR favorite mode of life-enjoyment, just remember that.

Jimmy Rusidoff

Oh, and please feel free to quote me, like I trust you not to twist anything or quote me out of context.
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