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Glad to see many have taken the time to give that fuknuckle what for.

The Hummer comparison showed up in my response, too....

I'll start with agreeing that speeding is unsafe and illegal.

Going 100+ MPH on a public road is stupid.

However, get bent.

Your flowery spew of 'shocking' statistics meant to cast the Hayabusa in a demonic light is a smear campaign with no justification other than your own misguided opinions.

You compare the horsepower with that of an airplane as if it were some kind of scandalous revelation. Big deal, my Saturn Vue has 250 horsepower, should I now go crowing to my friends it's so much more powerful than a little Cessna puddle-jumper? Not every aircraft is a high performance machine. That Cessna is the 'VW Beetle' of aircraft. You're comparing apples to fishheads to yellow journalists.

Yes, I know it's all about power-to-weight ratios, and the Hayabusa has one of the most intense. Again, so what? It's all about the rider not the bike. Your conclusion that the large amount of acceleration is only used for "road rage" is incorrect! Using that kind of acceleration is FUN, and puts a SMILE on the riders face, not thoughts of harm or damage. Plenty of riders just like having the power there to get out of trouble, not cause it. The trouble, usually caused by someone driving a 4000 pound SUV trying to dial a cellphone, not paying attention.

Here's a fun fact you chose to ignore: a quick survey of responses to the question of fuel economy on a Hayabusa discussion forum indicated the bike gets around 40 MPG. I'll bet in the current energy crisis climate, a lot of people consider 40 MPG downright heroic.

Your list of 'missing' safety equipment is laughable... roll bars, shoulder harnesses, beams, bags, bumpers?? Please, go engineer those items onto a rideable motorcycle, and get back to me when you're done.

You wonder why litigators haven't legislated bikes like this away? Because in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty. Our nation's laws permit such bikes because it is their operators not the bikes themselves controlling whether they're used in a way contrary to public safety. The laws punish the riders who ride so irresponsibly. The intended use of these bikes is TRANSPORTATION, just like an 8600 pound Hummer H2 which, going at it's top speed of 80 MPH, could just as sensationally be disparaged as a "deadly weapon".

Just because you have some vendetta against motorcycles is no reason to vomit up such an ill-informed puddle of vitriol.

How's that for flowery spew?
Here's the non-sequitor auto response:

Ye gods! Thanks for writing to TMQ.

While I don't usually reply, I do read all messages.

May the football gods smile upon you.

Best, Gregg
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