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Can't be a Klazy alum....

You'll notice the body of the ad starts out ALL CAPS, which is a classic Klazy strategy, however, it fizzles out halfway through. That's mistake number 1.

Nice touch noting the HIGH VOLUME SUZUKI ADVANCED EXHAUST SYSTEM, but that hardly whets the appetite. Does it make bike vely fast in motion? Some explanation is necessary. Mistake number 2.

Finally, the dead ringer of a giveaway is that the seller says something about "bank repo," but nothing more. What?? A Klazy veteran would really play this up. BANK TAKE TITLE BACK, have it in hand for viewing. Bank no like own bike, bank like loan money. You not get repo bike you KLAZY! Mistake 3, you're out!

Despite not having attended a class myself, I could probably sniff out the scaminess of an '08 thou with 12 hundred miles going for $6200 shipped anywhere.
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