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scooter trash

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We goofball contributors need to stick together!
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Oh great. Another opportunity to start a "Mods vs Rockers" flame war. My fingers twitch over the keyboard.

Does Aprilia offer a "Quadrophenia" package of accessory mirrors and "The Kids are Alright" stick on labels?

Or how about...

A lot of people are already riding scooters and don't know it. GoldWings, K1200LTs, Pacific Coasts. Sure look like scooters.

Seriously, the final insult is that these new large displacement scooters will kicka$$ on any 60's era Triumph or BSA. All we need is Billy Pilgrim phasing in and out to make this new topsy-turvy universe complete.
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Though a 90mph scooter is nothing to joke about, that 500cc Aprilia that you were riding will actually go 103mph. (If you stand up, lean foreward and put your helmet against the windscreen and try to maintain a liminar flow over your helmet and arched back, while going downhille, drafting a Cadillac Esculade) Believe me, I know.
Bush is to blame

"I see so many people that I worked with at Boeing, and they're still unemployed just as I am," said Summers. She blames free trade and President George W. Bush for allowing U.S. companies to outsource overseas.

"I wish the government would really see what it is doing to the American people. We built this country, and I feel that they're letting it turn into almost a ghost town," she said.

The loss of 2.5 million manufacturing jobs since January 2001 has devastated factory towns across middle America, where once-dominant local employers are pulling up stakes and heading to Mexico or Asia in search of lower costs and cheaper labor.
I have ridden with madmotomike. As you can guess, we have some very interesting Sunday rides.
Re: Bush is to blame

Ummm, W-T-F???

Scooters, dude, scooters. Boeing doesn't make scooters. (Heeeeyyyyyy . . . . !)
Good fun. Now Mike just needs to learn how to use the cap key and space bar.
Re: Bush is to blame

"She blames free trade and President George W. Bush for allowing U.S. companies to outsource overseas."

The funniest thing I have heard this week. George Bush cannot legally stop either free trade or U.S. companies from outsourcing overseas. It's called capitalism- get used to it!
Now that's a funny story! I would like to take a ride on one of the new super scooters. I'll bet there are a real blast. I bet if some of these gotta look cool dressed, gotta look cool brand motorcycle riders could ride one of these where they knew no one would see them they would be wearing a big grin. Tehehe!
Re: Bush is to blame Perot was right

"It’s one thing to see a labor-intensive industry such as textile manufacturing shift to foreign soil, especially when the process has been going on for decades. It’s quite another thing to watch the United States lose jobs that require highly educated workers and the support of a sophisticated technological infrastructure"

from click here
Re: Bush is to blame

Sorry Cap'n, Bush could do quite a lot about the WTO and NAFTA.

I guess he's too busy turning a record federal surplus into a record federal deficit... and we have nothing to show for all the money he spent.

Sure there's the mess in Iraq, and he wants $87 billion more.

Then there's his tax giveaway, but all the money saved in taxes hasn't made it's way back into our economy. It was never intended to... it's sitting in off-shore bank accounts held by the likes of Ken Lay.
Re: Bush is to blame Perot was right

Hey Paul, why is it okay for textile workers to lose their jobs?

You're some kind of engineer, right? Your dumb posts notwithstanding, I guess this puts you in the "highly educated worker" category... So when jobs like yours start to disappear, then you get concerned.

I don't blame you for wanting to keep your job, but why are you so coldhearted toward "labor-intesive" workers?
Re: Bush is to blame

"Sorry Cap'n, Bush could do quite a lot about the WTO and NAFTA."

-which were not in any way started/enacted/supportedby him, but by a previous president, but hey, it's all Bush's fault for not correcting the mistakes of others. What an awful man!

Where did HE spend all that money? Please tell me, citing specific examples.

I guess the bad economy is his fault too. Just like 9/11 was also his fault. And the current corporate fraud/stock market problems. All done personally by Bush.

Would you have objected also to the Marshall plan?

PROVE that the money hasn't made its way back into the economy. I'd love to hear your explanation.
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Re: Bush is to blame

Please, stop the effin crap, Cook!

You couldn't get anyone to respond to you and your regular, all too familiar, motorcycle related comments that you now have to make political comments to get any replies at all. Take it to the miriad political forums and start you trash there.

I've kept quiet about this latest trend of yours (live and let live you know?) but this was too much.

Get over yourself, go for a ride, clear your head and come back. Or don't, right now I really don't give a sh!t.
Squids beware, you are about ot be humbled by the new mighty scooters!
For some reason I am unable to read KPC's response, but all this flap over goofballs sticking together and scooters? I don't follow. I did enjoy the twisted scooter read. Keep the oddities coming. And keep the politics out of the scooter world. Come to think of it, keeping politics out of most everyday discussions would not be a bad thing, IMHO. BTW, anyone aware of how many SV650 riders are registered demos vs. republicans?
Excellent Point

Your are right we should be concerned when any job goes off shore. Bush and his boys don't seem to be the least concerned about how we are losing jobs. I believe in FAIR trade not free trade.
You have to change your posting filter to just south of hell as KP's posts typically get moderated into oblivion.
Can you say $200 billion rat hole. That is where the money has gone

Spending money $200 billion in Iraq is not a great investment in the U.S. economy unless you are **** Cheney. Increased Defense spending does not have the same multiplier effect as civilian spending. kind of like paying people to dig wholes. The Iraq war and the deficit it created is bad news man. Go back and look at the Gulf of Tokin Resolution which created the large deficits during the Vietnam War. It took this country years of pain both financial and emotional to come back from that
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