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ScootMods Inc. 6 Inch Forward Control Extensions Product Review

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I recently installed the ScootMods Inc. 6 inch forward control extensions on my 2011 Honda Shadow Aero VT750C and wrote a review about them here.

Bottom line: Best Modification I have done to my Bike yet. Excellent Highly recommended.

Product being reviewed: ScootMods Inc 6 Inch Forward Control Extensions Kit (4 Inch kit also avail).
Purpose of Forward Control Extensions: To increase the Riders Leg room and improve Leg/Knee position by relocating the Footpegs (or floorboards), the Shift Lever and Brake Pedal 6 inches forward.
Motorcycle Make/Model that this ScootMods Inc Extension Kit was installed on in this product review: 2011 Honda Shadow Aero VT750C.
Product Recommended for: Riders with an inseam of 33 inches and Higher.
Product Manufactured in: USA
ScootMods Inc Website: ScootMods index.php (also on Ebay)
Kits available for multiple Motorcycle Makes/Models (see website or YouTube Videos)

Bottom Line: Excellent Product, Greatly improved riding comfort and stability. I highly recommend the ScootMods Kit for any rider who would like to extend their legs our further while riding their Motorcycle. Without a doubt the best improvement I have made to my Bike.

Being 6'5" with a 36" inseam soon after purchasing my Honda Shadow Aero VT750 realized I was a bit tall for the bike. I heard of forward control extensions online and looked into getting them. The ScootMods kept coming up on Motorcycle forums and people were saying good things about them and recommending them so I finally got the Kit and installed it on 10-3-12.
Installation took about an Hour and 30 minutes total.
The Kit is designed so you can keep your Stock Honda Footpegs or you can use Aftermarket footpegs or adjustable Floorboards. In my case I installed the kit keeping my Kuryakyn Premium Floorboards and liked the fact that you keep the Honda Stock Footpeg mounting brackets and the strength built into them.
The Kit quality I would give the highest rating, the extension brackets are CNC laser cut out from cold rolled steel and they do not not Flex or twist at all. My bikes foot controls feel just as sturdy as the original Honda design. I liked my bike a lot before installing this kit but now I Love my Bike it fits me like a custom made glove. The price of the Kit was lower than the other kits I have seen yet the quality looked to be much better than other kits available for my bike.

I highly recommend the ScootMods Forward Control Extensions kit for anyone who would like make their Motorcycle more comfortable to ride.
When installed, this ScootMods Kit allows the rider to extend their legs out further, lowers their knee position and provides a much more enjoyable riding experience.

Below are Pics of the installed Kit on my Bike (Red Bike) also included
pics of the same kit installed with Footpegs rather than floorboards.

Here are some YouTube Videos of the ScootMods 6 Inch Extension Kit for the Honda Shadow Aero
They are Amatuer Videos I made myself but they give you a good look at them anyway and show the installation.

Installed ScootMods Inc. 6 Inch Forward Control Extensions - 2011 Honda Shadow Aero VT750 - YouTube
Kit Contents of a ScootMods Inc. 6 Inch Forward Control Extension Kit - Honda Shadow Aero 750 - YouTube
Installation of ScootMods Inc. 6 Inch Forward Control Extension Kit on a Honda Shadow Aero 750 - YouTube
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Nice "Viral Ad"/pseudo-consumer review.

You get an "A-" for Effort.
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