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Scotland on a Triumph Sprint ST

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Cool.....but wasnt this posted already?
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Nice article Patrick..Too bad you didn't get an audio file of those bagpipes. I love that kind of music...Great photos.. Thanks for the fun read..
..but me kilt always keeps blowin' open and scarin' all tha fine ladies.

Aye, koo, they don't call me the "Lock Ness Monster" for nutthin' laddie.

No go thow me a caber an' be done with it. Aye Cap'n, she's gonna blow...
"Ever dream of mixing cultures via a motorcycle trip? ... Read about riding a British motorcycle while touring in Scotland and capping off the day's ride with a Guinness."

Whoa! Talk about a wide range of cultures! You rode a British motorcycle in a part of Britain and drank a beer brewed in what used to be part of Britain. How were you able to adapt to the culture shock? That's like going from Newfoundland, to the Amazon, to Saudi Arabia.

Just bustin' your balls. Good article.

Great article, I'd love to retire to the Highlands, live in a nice stone hut with my dogs and a bonnie lass with an accent so thick I can't understand a word she says....porrige and tea for breakfast, whiskey and Haggis or salmon for dinner......

Old series 1 Landy in the barn, nice Tiger for riding out to count the sheep......

Couldn't get much better...
I rode from California to Arizona a few months ago.
What was it like? Travelling away from and back to the blue dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination and where massive deficit spending is no barrier!
Did you have any trouble getting back in? I hear you have to have proof of Divorce and a good pair of sunglasses, or they make you stay out.
Aye. Bagpipes squirling in the distance... day and night. Neighbors painting their faces blue and burning down the barn for a wee bit of fun.

And they'll lynch you if they catch you with that bottle of Bushmills. The one waiting for you at home right this minute. How long before you get off work?
San Diego is the red part of CA. You know, the area that's clean and nice with low crime and great schools. The place where all the blue cities vacation.
As a fellow Evansville resident, it's good to see hometown boy Dennis out and about somewhere other than a classic car show, not that I don't attend my share of car shows. I didn't know Dennis was such an avid motorcyclist, so my appreciation of his shows just went up a notch.

I just wish you could have captured some pics of Dennis with the mustache curled up and blowing in the wind! Now that would be a culture shock for Scotland!
"I rode from California to Arizona a few months ago."

Take a ride to Texas - it's like a Whole Other Country!(TM)

Delete "like" from that sentence, and you got it. Padre Island is nice, though. If you go when there aren't any people around.

I've seen the light, now I drink Speyburn Highland Single Malt....

Off work now, headin' up to see my lassie, I love bagpipes. With my heritage painting myself blue and dancing naked around rocks is just a night out with the lads..

Far as lynchin'....I've got my 1918 SMLE mk 111 for distance, a beater Remington double barrel for close up and a repro Spatha for face to face. If they can get through all that and the dogs I guess I've got it comming LOL
"I've got my 1918 SMLE mk III for distance"

Mmmmmmmmmm, Smellie... just the thing for enforcing rule .303.
Good story; thanks for the reminiscence...

I was over that way 40 - some years ago driving a different sort of Triumph (a four-wheeler, all I had and all Uncle Sam's pay check could allow).

Can anybody point me toward some maps of Scotland available via the net? Mine have disappeared over the years.

I don't remember Guinness being available then. Seems like there were "issues". I do remember that there were ample alternatives.
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The only problem is that I'd have to ride through West Texas to get to any part of Texas that doesn't look like nuclear winter.

West Texas is god-awful barren and it goes on for days.
Sounds like eastern Colorado/western Kansas. Only, you have to put up with those stupid-ass sunflower signs.............

(or the vast wastelands of central Iowa/eastern Nebraska)
I wouldn't say this is a Scots pub my friend; then you'd know whose balls were busted ;-}

'British' is for a map; not for a people.
... but how would you know yer lassie were sayin 'naw toneet, got er heyedeak' ??
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