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Scott Ru$$ell Tests Ducati at Daytona

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You think he will see a podium now that he has parted ways with Harley? oh, first post
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Harley Davidson = CRAP

Race tracks are only run in one direction at a time. It is unlikely they would be going in the wrong direction.
Re: Daytona is irrelevent

Ok, all the other comments to this are correct, there is an infield with left and right turns. But essentially this is a big circle, with a few turns thrown in. Sure the racing is close, especially at the end. But for most of the 200 miles, it is not that close, only for the last few laps. I follow racing pretty closely, but this is the least interesting track by far. And the length adds to that. Seems more like CART, NASCAR or F1, than a MC race.

Flame away!
Better a shark in a pond, than a turd on the net. The guy went and competed in world racing, then came back to AMA. You expect some world class racing team (500GP or WSC) to offer him a ride after 2 bad seasons with H-D? Give the guy a break, at least he is doing something he loves, and is getting paid nicely for it. (How many of the posters here who sit in an office all day can say that.)
I think it is be put up or shut up time for Scott Ru$$ell. I think he was at the end of his rope and grabbed at the Harley ride to cover his ass and blame it all on the bike or the team. He probably figured a couple of years on the Harley and his bank would big enough for him to retire and live on the royalties of selling a replica helmet now and then. Now his competitive side has taken over again. I hope, for the sake of his new team, that he still has it in him to win.

Also, Don't let me forget about all you couch potatoes with cordless keyboards so you can still post your worthless babble. Pascal had NOOOOO problem finishing in the top ten in the championship running on the same team as Mr. Daytuna.(not a misprint) I am a Harley mechanic.(I can here flail mail on the sail) Harley will not sit around forever and settle for top ten. Most of my friends ride sportbikes. I have been hereing it all from them since Harley launched their superbike program and I am buying my time until I can say "I told you so". I have a feeling my time is almost up. I think I will go rehearse my lines.

Suck on that.
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Good Point torkmonster.....

Look at how the other two "slackers" that failed miserably at Harley have fared since leaving. What ever happened to Doug Chandler and Miguel Duhamel anyhow??? Yeah, thats right both AMA Champions AFTER leaving Milwaukee. Someone will probably be saying "I told you so" after this year, but I don't think it will be you. By the way, hit spell check on your version of torque and see what you come up with.

awesome response. name, phone number and credentials to boot. rock on, bro.
Re: Good Point torkmonster.....

I know how to spell torque.
After seeing Russell at Laguna Seca in 97, I lost all respect. After the press conference he was out the back door, and wanted nothing to do with his fans. He seemed generally annoyed by anyone who approached him for an autograph. Russell has the people skills of a stump...

I tell you I did an evelyn woods on all the comments and my god people. You all say russell has a big mouth, he's a whiner, he's old and he sucked on the Harley. Sure russell has had his ups and downs , but lord you guys are flat out mean! Well I have nothing positive to say about the harley myself so I'm sure if I had to ride it........ All my friends and I would always try to predict what lap the harley would go up in flames at daytona HA HA HA! I think the Duck is going to blow up on russell because of his riding style, a few pops on the limiter and shes gonna quit. The jap bikes seem to take abuse so much better than the Italian machines. I know scott will do well in the race, but I don't think the Duck will do as well as Scott. I predict Nicky Hayden to win on the honda miracle machine AKA the RC-51.
I say It's about time we saw Scott back aboard a proper machine instead of that hopeless hog pile of dog excuse for a motorcycle. Lets hope he can get back to his winning ways and prepare for a final WSB next year?

Zorg 19
Scott Russell is at home at Daytona. I watched him get 3 of his wins there. If the bike can stay with him he'll win it. He seems to own the track. A great show should be coming up.
Harleys are pretty much pieces of crap. If most Harley owners don't already know, Harley parts come from Japan. They're only put together in the United States. That's why they are pieces of crap. So if any of you guys see a Harley owner around, remind them they're actually buying Japanese bikes. 'Nuff said.
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