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I tell you I did an evelyn woods on all the comments and my god people. You all say russell has a big mouth, he's a whiner, he's old and he sucked on the Harley. Sure russell has had his ups and downs , but lord you guys are flat out mean! Well I have nothing positive to say about the harley myself so I'm sure if I had to ride it........ All my friends and I would always try to predict what lap the harley would go up in flames at daytona HA HA HA! I think the Duck is going to blow up on russell because of his riding style, a few pops on the limiter and shes gonna quit. The jap bikes seem to take abuse so much better than the Italian machines. I know scott will do well in the race, but I don't think the Duck will do as well as Scott. I predict Nicky Hayden to win on the honda miracle machine AKA the RC-51.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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