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Scott Russell Update and Photos

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The photos are indeed graphic and a testament to Scott's commitment for the sport, but for clarification, the wound on the thigh and the 2 smaller wounds on both sides of his lower leg are appear to be surgical incisions - much too smooth for a laceration as a direct result of the accident. These 3 incisions are called fasciotomies and are placed by a surgeon to relieve the pressure within the soft tissues that occurs after a major fracture, burn, or crush injury. If this pressure is allowed to build in a closed space, like the leg or thigh, the tissues essentially become strangulated and die resulting in a loss of the leg. After the incisions are made the skin shrinks and often cannot be reapproximated without a skin graft. Probably much more that you wanted to know. Regardless, it sounds as if Scott is in good hands. Best wishes to him and his family.
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Sweet! First Post! Is it obvious that I am easily amused?

Maybe Scott WILL make a full recovery.
I just took a look at Scott's injuries....they are very graphic indeed. But take a look at, there's a nice picture of a harley davidson rider...well what's left of him face...

My best wishes to Scott Russel for a prompt recovery. is a horrendous site. I'm only commenting because of the "Harley rider" photo mention.

Despite what the photo's caption says, that's not what happened. The guy held a lit firecracker (I forget which kind: M80? M1000?) in his mouth and it went off sooner than expected. But I digress. Let's try to stay on the topic, OK? Thanks.
Actually, he had a blasting cap in his mouth when it went off. is an interesting site for those who are not squeamish.
Blasting cap?...Is this the same as a detonator used on dynomite etc??
Yep, that is what a blasting cap is. Makes one hell of a firecracker.

... the fool did it on a dare (info supposedly from the police report - unconfirmed).

I'll chip in for the beer!! Good luck and Godspeed Scott-----

Abe Froman
YES!!! To relieve the pressure!!! YOu are sooooo smart!!!
Seriously dude...those pictures are freaky!

LOL you go scott...I don't envy ya, but damn, you need to get a sponsorship from "No Fear" apparel!
Knowning that the wide open wounds were done on purpose by a doctor doesn't help. I wish I didn't look at those pictures. They are enough to make me wonder if I still want to continue road racing. I mean I love it. I really do. I had already been thinking about giving up because of the cost. I spend so much money racing my bike. Then when I saw those pics it was like ouch! At the same time I think about life back on the streets and I don't like it at all. I think about all the close calls I had (when I wasn't screwing around) with other vehicles that were either being impatient, not paying attention or whatever and the same thing (most likely worse) could happen out on the street.

I will NEVER stop riding motorcycles so if I'm not racing my GSXR then I will be riding it on the street and I think that scares me even more.

There are times when I wish I never knew what a motrcycle was then again there are times when I thank god that I do.

Then again maybe I should just stick to the dirt. God thos pics were graphic.
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Hey Joe, what is it like to be a moron? I've always wondered.

Obviously the first post guy is a doc or at least knows a lot about this sort of thing. Why ding him for that?
A month or so ago, I had a close call on the street. Nearly got completely smeared. This, and my racing experience, makes me like the street less and less. And everything makes me like trail riding best.

I'm not ready to give up my street bike and I would like to be able to get back on the track ($$$ allowing), but dirt fills my moto mind more than ever these days.

Good luck to Scott and the other injured riders out there.
That is exactly how I feel right now. Ever since I got on the track my riding time on the street has been near nil. When I think back to the many close calls I had I actually feel safer on the track even after looking at those pics of Scott.

I just would hate to give up RoadRacing to ride on the street then get smeared by some car.

With all this running through my head everyday, just like you, the mix of a 2-stroke and some good old fashion dirt fills my head more and more with each passing day.

At this point I will CERTINALY get a motocross bike. What I do with my street bike and RoadRacing, well only time will tell.
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According to an article at AMA Soup ( Scott left the hospital last night. He'll be staying with relatives and having a nurse come in daily to check on him.

Good luck on the recovery Scott. Maybe it will be possible for him to ride and race again this season. If he does, I expect fans everywhere to appreciate the great effort he has made in his recovery.
I hope he has a full recovery but I will be amazed if I see him race again. Not just from a physical point of view but also a Mental point of view.
I gave up the street for dirt two years ago and have yet to regret it. I figure i'd prefer to fall off and suffer a broken arm than to have some fool drive over my head.
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