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Scott Russell Update and Photos

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The photos are indeed graphic and a testament to Scott's commitment for the sport, but for clarification, the wound on the thigh and the 2 smaller wounds on both sides of his lower leg are appear to be surgical incisions - much too smooth for a laceration as a direct result of the accident. These 3 incisions are called fasciotomies and are placed by a surgeon to relieve the pressure within the soft tissues that occurs after a major fracture, burn, or crush injury. If this pressure is allowed to build in a closed space, like the leg or thigh, the tissues essentially become strangulated and die resulting in a loss of the leg. After the incisions are made the skin shrinks and often cannot be reapproximated without a skin graft. Probably much more that you wanted to know. Regardless, it sounds as if Scott is in good hands. Best wishes to him and his family.
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Though it may appear otherwise, this is NOT a flame. I must ask those of you who saw the photos and then had second thoughts about racing again: Were you not aware that you could be injured or even killed roadracing? Scott's wounds look (and are) gruesome. However Dirk Piz (Buell Series) was killed at the same track, only a few days earlier. Jamie Bowman (750 Supersport) died last year, after crashing at Laguna Seca. Both of these guys died doing what they love and I assure you that both of them WISH that they had Scott Russell's injuries. I guess what I'm trying to say is.... It's a good thing that the photos of Scott's leg suprised you and allowed you to make the connection between racing and the potiential for grevious injury to your person, because if something happened to you at the track and you were unaware of the potiential for death or dismemberment, it would be quite a tragedy for you to wake up as a suprised quadraplegic. Scott was aware of the potiential, he is living with the consequences, and he is doing his best to get back on the track as soon as possible. I salute him for this and hope that if it happens to me, I will have the same courage.
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I was in no way attempting to make you sound "clueless" I was only trying to say that as racers, we should already be fully aware of the consequences. I have enjoyed your previous posts and generally hold you in high regard.
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