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Scott Russell crash, what I saw on tape

I wanted to say that I saw the replay of this crash last night on the ESPN show MotoWorld. Contrary to what I had posted before (in this forum, or the feedback for other story about injuries at Daytona), Scott was not actively pushing his bike off the grid. What I saw was he starts rolling forward, then quickly puts his left hand up and looks over his right shoulder. Whether intentional or not he starts drifting across to the grass. You miss a little of the action as the camera pans forward as the riders start flying by him. Then it pans back, and see him coasting, looking over his right shoulder as he heads off to the right, trying to get off the grid.

I think some of the prior posts that said he may have thought evrery body was past him already, may have been right. Still not sure that he should have been steering the bike off the grid. Maybe that was unintentional (we all know that looking in a direction can make you turn that way without realizing it).

The crash was very scary looking, as the first rider hits Scott they barely bump, and both bikes tip over/slide down. (You can see the motion of the first bike trying to swerve around Scott.) It is the next bike coming through that nails Scott (front wheel right into his leg). When I saw that replay, I was surprised he did not suffer any severe internal injuries.

I really wish Scott a speedy recovery. For an old pro like him, this had be a very scary moment.

And I apologize if anybody was offended by my previous comments saying that the crash was Scott's fault.
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