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Screamin' Eagle V-Rod hop-up

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I quite fail to see how running sans airbox lid would "damage the engine", as it's a common stunt on any number of other bikes. As to the sound, it is definitely unique...not too much traditional Harley note there, but more of a TDM-style blat methinks.
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From what I know/speculate, the fuel map is already about as lean as you can get for emissions, running without the airbox lid could cause an over-lean condition which, over time isn't such a good thing.
The sound to me sounds a lot like my 96 Magna did with its 4-into-4 exhaust. Of course, it was a V-four, but the cadence and quick revving sounds less like a Vtwin.

Now, I'm a sportbike guy, owning several VFRs and now a VTR1000, and I've done my share of Harley bashing over the years. But I have to tell you, if I was gonna buy a cruiser, (and had the extra cash that Harley will undoubtably rape its customers for) this would be it. IMO, nothing else out there comes close in the stylilng department, and the engine is a beaut. Love the tubular frame and clean look.

Harley, I tip my rice-rocket-riding hat to you. Nice work.
If only the new VFR had this kind of output...
A little expensive

OK, I should know that if you have the cash to shell out for an expensive cruiser plus the "vaseline tax" then a $150 for "recalibrating" the EFI should not be too much... but it still bothers me that they charge this much when installing the latest EFI map on my Triumph is only $60 (if they do it as part of the regular maintenance they don't even charge you extra!!!).

Whatever, I guess that if you gotta have it then you gotta have it no matter how much you'll have to pay for it. Bikes are about passion not financially sane decissions. :)
Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

The other day while waiting to get a table at a local vietnamese resturaunt, I picked up a copy of Forbes that happened to be laying on a chair because the cover story was about Harley-Davidson. Inside was a beautiful picture of the V-Rod. I held up the magazine and asked the current prospective date, who was with our group, if she liked it. She said "motorcycles scare me." Should I even consider dating this girl? I mean, I might be able to coax her on to the back of my R1, and she may learn to like riding with me. However, could her apprehension be a bad sign? Should I wait for the next girl who is turned on by bikes and solicits a ride on mine? Decisions decisions.....
If they can get the Firebolt up over 100 horse with bolt-ons I will start saving up for the down payment right now.
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

Give her a ride, including an healthy roll on. If she doesn't like it leave her to the curb.
I must be the only one who thinks that this bike is ugly. The pipes are horrendous and very Suzuki Marauder like. The radiator is a huge eyesore. The stalk for the instruments looks like a reject from "War of the Worlds". The exposed frame is a likeness of a road upon which I'd like to ride. Don't get me started about the flying saucer wheels either.

Apparently it goes like bread through a goose, though.

Now the VMax is pretty much just as fast, and how much cheaper?

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Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

I feel your pain as my fiance basically tolerates riding on the back of K12. Thats after I spent the $$$ on the stealth backrest, prior she was simply terrified of pulling a Jacque Cousteau off the back. Anyone with a K12 check out Jerry's site and pick one up.
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

I guess I'm just a lucky [email protected]

my gf doesn't ride with me, she rides her own bike. :-D
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

That's the way it should be, but my wife won't have it... :(
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

I agree, give her a chance, she may like it after all.

BTW the R1 may not be the best choice of a bike if you want a passenger, though. :)
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

Dude, Watch Out!

Most women are down on bikes after marriage, even if they seem to like them before. If she already hates them, forget about it. Find a chick who rides, or at least loves bikes. Then,even if her enthusiasm drops a little in the future, she can still tolerate your bike.
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

I got hit by a lady in an F 250 truck running a red light in November. I will be back to normal in about a year's time. My girlfriend was by my side for 3 days in ICU, 9 days in a regular hospital room. My family wants me to give up riding. My girlfriend says that she knows how much I love it and whatever I decide to do she will support my decision. That, my friends, is a keeper!
Re: A little expensive

The $150 is for a specific performance software download. This is not just the "latest EFI map," which are free (except for labor where applicable) when needed during routine service. Apples and Oranges for the most part.
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

My bike, my dog, my beer, my woman ... in that order. That's a keeper and that's the Australian way. Sure she loves to ride but I'm afraid that if she falls off the collar might snap her neck. Guess I could leave her at home with the wife but then who would fetch the next beer? Decisions, decisions.

Is there a kennel in the "Detachables" range from HD?
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