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Screamin' Eagle V-Rod hop-up

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I quite fail to see how running sans airbox lid would "damage the engine", as it's a common stunt on any number of other bikes. As to the sound, it is definitely unique...not too much traditional Harley note there, but more of a TDM-style blat methinks.
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Re: A little expensive

Not to argue with you but the comparison is fair I think.

If you were to install a performance can on a Triumph then the standard map needs to be replaced for the "perfomance map" that corresponds with the type of exhaust you installed (just like in the case of the V-Rod) and the charge is still what I described above. This is NOT service routine but a specific performance upgrade.

It is OK with me if Harley decides to charge for this what they will charge but I just think it is very fortunate that not all companies do the same.
As old as the V-Max is I don't think the V-Rod has a chance in staying up with it. That's still before doing any mods to the V-Max which would cost less than those preposed for the V-Rod. IMHO V-Max is the first and still supreme real power cruiser for almost 1/3 the real price of a V-Rod. Can't tell I am a Yama fan can your? LOL Well facts are facts. Then again its your money. Spend as you wish on what makes you happy if ya got it.
Can't argue with you there.....

She does sound like a keeper. Does she have any feelings on the issue though? I mean, hey, these things are give and take. I would get rid of the R1 if my future wife got pregnant.
For all the pan-heads out there, this is no rice rocket knock off. This is a clean sheet of paper design by none other than PORSCHE. Yup, the same folks that built my 3.6L, 415 HP Turbo.

I also have the 750 Magna Harley eater as well. But it won't handle the V-Rod.
The media statements that I've seen do not state that the entire motor designed was by by Porsche but rather that specific portions had Porsche design input. On the other hand, it would probably have done the final design worlds of good if Harley had only used Porsche as consultants.
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

You might have to give up the bike if she dislikes bikes to the point that she fears for your life when you ride. In this case, if you persist in riding, all you will do is make her miserable. If you really love her, you won't want to make her miserable which will make the decision easy. On the other hand if the decision is not easy, you had better be certain of your feelings towards her, relationships are not over night things. There are women that enjoy motorcycles. Find one.
V-Rod is a lot of marketing hot air

At 1500 RPM where the class leading Warrior kicks the ass with 84 lb/ft torque the V-Rod is dead as a dodo.

According to the dyno charts this souped up version does not even run below 2200 RPM. In fact the V-Rod delivers less twist at any RPM than Warrior at idle. Same applies when compared to VTX. And we are talking about a tuned up version mind you.

Standard V-Rod fares even worse. In proper cruising revs (i.e. under 4500RPM) you can bolt a third extra similar cylinder on V-Rod and it still loses in twist to both VTX and Warrior.

Even the 15 year old V-Max has more power, more twist and less weight than standard V-Rod. Anybody able to read the dyno charts can´t help noticing that V-Rod is only hype.

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I disagree......Erik Buell's quirkiness has gone beyond function. Take his exhaust placement: He says he can't figure out why anyone would place the mass of the exhaust system so high up.....Excuse me, but most exhaust systems weight very little today, some as little as 5 or 6 lbs, so you are telling me it is more practical to move the entirety of the Engine up (which weighs substantially more than 6 lbs) then it is to put the exhaust on the side and save yourself the trouble of gas in the frame and oil in the swingarm........thats not function.
I have about 430 miles on my V-Rod, Which I drove it off the showroom floor on 12/17/2001. I had the dealership install the Screamin Eagle Muffler, They re-calibrated the ECM( a bit to expensive) I myself added the K&N Air Cleaner. The sound that it makes is much deeper, I think the bike is FANTASTIC. Has anyone, put on a windshield yet? Please give me advice on which on to get..small or big.

I am not an engineer, but I am guessing engine placement to be a bit more of a science than what you make it sound. I could care less where the exhaust comes out, as long as it doesn't drag. Oh, it doesn't.
Gotta ask. I have heard you can't buy the bike at full retail cost. What did you have to give for your bike if you don't mind. Clear up the rumors.

Re: V-Rod is a lot of marketing hot air

Too bad you can't tape the dyno graph to your helmet so the V-Rod will know it can't run off and leave you on the Warrior. Otherwise, the V-Rod seems a little ignorant to the fact....

I dream of the day I pull up next to a Warrior and the guy tells me, "I'll race you, but remember the V-Rod is a lot of hype."

Mine is supposed to be in this coming week (after a 7 month wait). I am having the larger windshield (the Super Sport) installed based on my experience with the small windshields. I previously owned a Road Star with the small windshield and although it kept the wind off your chest, it force-fed it into your face. If you always wear a full-face helmet it's not a problem.

However, the larger windshield for the V-Rod is still small by windshield standards but it looks great on the bike in person.

I can't speak for Shant, but I am purchasing mine for MSRP ($16,995). I started calling dealers the morning after HD introduced the bike on the Internet and finally found one selling at MSRP. It's about a 120 miles from home, but well worth it. Most of the dealers around the DFW area are selling theirs anywhere from $24,000 to $28,000. I was very fortunate to find my dealer as I would not be buying the bike for the going rate around here. With the cost of the bike and the decent financing available from HD, I'm adding about $3,500 worth of accessories upon delivery of the bike.
To 98Viffer,

I read your comment and my hat is off to you sir. I have to admit i am a big Harley (but love all motorcycles) and was glad to here honest comments like yours. The sad thing about Harley's new design is that some of the old Harley riders do not even give Harley credit. One of my bikes is a Buell, these same old riders don't even like these.

Oh well, the hell with those guys. It is nice to know that there are intelligent riders out there like yourself.



PS, Your right about the dealers raping there customers.
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I don't know about screwing the V-rod, but I would love to try the Firebolt myself. I have a 2000 Buell (love it ), but the Firebolt is a big improvement.
Re: V-Rod is a lot of marketing hot air

>I dream of the day I pull up next to a Warrior

>and the guy tells me, "I'll race you,

Oh yeah baby. The Warrior guy is likely to tell you "I´ll cruise you". Because, unlike V-Rod, the Warrior is a cruiser. Low grunt.

If we talk about high rev engines, why don´t you dream of a day when you pull next to a V-Max and the guy says he´ll race you.

Well, you are not dreaming about that too much obviously. Because you know he´ll wax your ass with a machine that was designed 15 yrs ago. Has more power, torque and is lighter. Good dreams, vrodbart.

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Re: V-Rod is a lot of marketing hot air


Since the subject was not dealing with the V-Max, then the dream sounds like it's yours. As long as you are dreaming, dream about me waxing YOUR V-Max ass on the R1. Yea, I know, that's a short-lived dream.

Sleep tight...
I am paying MSRP + setup $17,360 total. I also put down deposit the day after the dealer show. I tried to order earlier but they would not take order until after the show. My bike is coming in this week. Some dealers around are asking 24-26,000.
Re: Forbes, a girl, and the V-Rod....

Lucky, lucky man.
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