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Screamin' V-Rod

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Whoops, maybe the v-twin isn't dead after all. Granted it has only a passing resemblance to a real V-rod but that's true of all the others in the class. More interesting to me was the way the divine Miss S. got in everybody's head. Qualified first but based on her reaction times she shouldn't have gone another round.
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Big deal, the NHRA rules give the HD a 50 pound weight advantage and the Suzuki is limited to 87 cubic inches whereas the HD is allowed 160 cubic inches.

And STILL the Suzuki packs sand up the HDs


If they change the rules to prohibit the Suzuki from carrying fuel, the HD may have a chance.

Most likely, it will be as remarkably successful as the HD Superbike effort was.

Oh yeah, I'm sure the Vance and Hines bike is just a stock V-rod.

I can assure you the the Suzukis have far more in common with stock bike than the Harley has with a stock V-rod.

whatever someone would charge to haul it away.

plus the charges you would incur when it is added to the EPA superfund enviromental disaster clean-up list.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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